Design in Everything!

“Design” this word is spread across the globe, universe, galaxy, it’s basically just everywhere and anywhere. Even if you just glance across your surrounding you’ll notice some kind of pattern, shapes, objects which have been created keeping in mind the design visualized to make that outcome possible.

Moreover, design influences you in every possible way. It fetches out the creativity inside you when you see a particular type of a design. It plays a profound impact your daily lives which influences your personal and social perception.

What is Design?

Let us know the dictionary definition – “To prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed)

-Definition by

Despite of this definition there’s multiple meaning to this word. Moreover, this word not only inclines highly towards the artistic side but at the same time it is socially driven as well.

Now let’s see some of the ways how design has inspired the surrounding around us.


Design inspired by natural world brings out the best of the creation and makes us even more connected to nature. It offers a countless variety of designs. People have started observing nature to get beautifully functional design solutions.


Are you hungry yet…?

Food designs are visually very appetizing. Design that is inspired by food has a higher tendency of grabbing viewers’ attention and getting their taste buds tingling. People are usually tempted by the presentation of the food and the varied colours used to make it look exquisite.


Design has captured the education field and trust that, you can make a career out of it. There are a lot of Career Courses in the design industry which ultimately plays a beneficial role for the multimedia industry. This being a creative field constantly makes your brain-work to get the best out of the box ideas. Graphic Designing, VFX, Animation, Game Design are the powerful weapons of the entertainment industry since this sector has a highest demand worldwide due to the era of digitisation.

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