What is the difference between 2D animation & 3D Animation?

3D Animation
3D Animation is the process of creating three-dimensional moving pictures in the digital environment. It is a kind of animation that uses computers pictures to make animated scenes.
Control of 3D models or objects is carried out in the 3D programming software for exporting image sequences giving them the illusion of movement and animation. This is totally based on the technique utilized for manipulating objects. There is a difference somewhere in the range of 3D and 2D animation.
The methodology of producing 3D is successively categorised into three fundamental segments, and these are modelling, layout and animation and rendering.
– Modelling is the phase that depicts the methodology of producing 3D objects within a
certain scene.
– Layout and Animation phase depicts that the procedure pursued animating and
positioning the objects within a certain scene.
– Rendering portrays the outcome or result finished computer graphics. The procedure of
production is completed with the cautious blend of the sections referenced above and
furthermore some other sub-sections.

The market is loaded up with different programming utilized for the making of 3D Animation.
2D Animation
– 2D animation is the process of producing a two-dimensional imaginative space. 2D
animation focuses on making storyboards, characters, and foundations in a two-
dimensional environment. Generally thought of as traditional animation, the figures can
go all over up, down, left, and right.
– The 2D animation uses vector designs and the bitmap to make and alter the animated
images and is made utilizing the PCs and software programs, for example, Adobe
Photoshop, Flash and After Effects. There is a distinction between 3D and 2D animation.
– These animations used in movies, promotions, television shows, computer games or
sites. Work in the field of 2D animation requires both imagination and innovative

In spite of the fact that 3D animation offers several advantages over 2D animations, most clients
prefer a blend of both the animation methods. A blend of both 3D and 2D animation gives an
increasingly natural presentation. 2D animation techniques are progressively reasonable for clients
having low budgets.
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How to think out of the box…….creatively.

IBEF Presentataion

How to think out of the box…….creatively.


(The Power of Observations & imaginations.)

Creativity has much to do with experience, observation and imagination, and if any one of those key elements is missing, it doesn’t work.- Bob Dylan

This might come as a surprise for most of you, WE ALL HAVE AN IMAGINATION!!

Yes its true…..most of us are god gifted. If you don’t believe it try this simple test right now:

What is the first thing you think of the minute I say sunset or greenery….You actually visualized it even if it was for a split second. In this process what YOU visualize is unique compared to anyone else in the world. No two people will visualize an identical sunset or greenery .But if you Google for a sunset everyone gets a same sunset.

So, there you have your answer …. Don’t underestimate the power of observations and imagination. You don’t have to go anywhere to gain inspiration. To picking up and reading a newspaper to observing your surroundings on your way to work…. ­ It’s all around us.

It has been proven that ultimately our imagination influences everything we do either consciously or unconsciously and irrespective of what our profession is.

The next time you as a designer is asked to conceptualize any artwork from scratch ……don’t instinctively reach out to Google it …. scratch your head first and follow these simple steps to think out of the box and not follow the herd. You may be surprised at what you notice all around you. After all, in imagination there is no limitation at all.