5 Reasons to Consider Graphic Designing as your Career

From the plethora of options available, choosing a career especially of your interest can get daunting. A career in Graphic Designing is what many people look for but don’t adhere to. Due to the evolution of the minds and technology, Graphic designing as a career received more acceptance. It is an art that involves the process of combining pictures and texts by using one or more forms of typography, illustration, and photography. Today, it can be found almost everywhere and is most suitable for people that have an eye for creativity which can be studied through several Graphic design courses in Mumbai.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider graphic designing as your career:

1.      Daily Learning

When working as a Graphic Designer, learning is a never-ending process. Everyday acts like a new opportunity to learn and grow. The challenges one goes through help them to evolve and improve. With every new problem, there is something new to discover and invent. During the process, there is a possibility for you to make a mistake. But that’s a part of the process of growing that would be reflected in your work.

2.      The demand is never fading

Design is something that no business can survive without. It is not only restricted to the design studio but is available everywhere. From visiting cards, packaged goods, advertisements to printed shirts, it has an unstoppable reach. It also complements a number of fields including web designing courses. Graphic design is a field that would constantly require human creativity and thinking even in the age of mechanization.

3.      Boost Problem Solving skills

A career in Graphic Designing would not only enhance your creativity but also your problem-solving skills. It allows you to expand your horizon by looking at the big picture. It helps you to see beyond the issues of clients. Various Graphic design courses give you a comprehensive understanding of how your work can solve problems and add value to meet brand goals.

4.      Its all about Team Work

A graphicdesigner is required to communicate with several people to get their work right. They are usually part of the creative team and closely work with the clients to draft illustrations as per their requirements. There are several people that you will have to work along with like PR professionals, copywriters, advertisers and many more. All of this will help you to understand and better deal with different personalities.

5.      Changes your Perspective

When your job becomes a part of your life, it changes the way you look at things. Everything you look at acts as an inspiration which could be useful in your next project. Graphic Designing encourages you to move out and explore more as it helps in bringing a new perspective.

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Game Design

Since our childhood we have been playing games, what we are discussing here is about video games mostly. Of course not everyone may have played video games but almost everyone knows about them.

Let’s take Mario for eg. Everyone who has been playing games since their childhood knows Mario.

Nowadays, people would know Candy Crush, Angry Birds and PUBG to name a few.

Now playing video games is not as same as designing it, that’s rather obvious. But it’s important in many aspects that one who is interested in designing should know variety of games and have played them and still does. I mean still a lot of people who are in their mid-20s and late 30s still play Video Games since they were kids.

The point here is, playing games is always in trend for majority age groups.

Throughout the years gaming industry has flourished a lot.

From Contra which released in 1987 to PUBG 2017 (which in online)

So there are no boundaries to the level of game designing and for this reason game designing is one of the most profitable industries.

According to recent new Article by BBC in Technology section Gaming industry has more revenue than Film and Music industries combined.
Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-46746593

So more of a reason why game designing is one of the most favourite things as a career to look forward to

Video game design may not be the first choice a decade or two back but these days it’s one of the most prominent fields.

Having said that, it can still be difficult to break into The Game Design industry. But with a right Career & Design Courses it can be achieved.

Design in Everything!

“Design” this word is spread across the globe, universe, galaxy, it’s basically just everywhere and anywhere. Even if you just glance across your surrounding you’ll notice some kind of pattern, shapes, objects which have been created keeping in mind the design visualized to make that outcome possible.

Moreover, design influences you in every possible way. It fetches out the creativity inside you when you see a particular type of a design. It plays a profound impact your daily lives which influences your personal and social perception.

What is Design?

Let us know the dictionary definition – “To prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed)

-Definition by dictionary.com

Despite of this definition there’s multiple meaning to this word. Moreover, this word not only inclines highly towards the artistic side but at the same time it is socially driven as well.

Now let’s see some of the ways how design has inspired the surrounding around us.


Design inspired by natural world brings out the best of the creation and makes us even more connected to nature. It offers a countless variety of designs. People have started observing nature to get beautifully functional design solutions.


Are you hungry yet…?

Food designs are visually very appetizing. Design that is inspired by food has a higher tendency of grabbing viewers’ attention and getting their taste buds tingling. People are usually tempted by the presentation of the food and the varied colours used to make it look exquisite.


Design has captured the education field and trust that, you can make a career out of it. There are a lot of Career Courses in the design industry which ultimately plays a beneficial role for the multimedia industry. This being a creative field constantly makes your brain-work to get the best out of the box ideas. Graphic Designing, VFX, Animation, Game Design are the powerful weapons of the entertainment industry since this sector has a highest demand worldwide due to the era of digitisation.

Be versatile with Multimedia skills

Many artists can make their living with their artistic skills. This is on the grounds that a large number of them don’t simply don’t just stick to the basics, but in addition, use digital tools and have a skill for advertising their creations.

It is imperative to develop multimedia skills to enable themselves to turn out to be increasingly versatile and profitable.

Multimedia Skills

Many companies utilize multimedia skills like video generation, animation, and web design to create their promotions. Also, probably the most well-known employments that specialists get are in the multimedia media industry in some limit. The demand for these jobs will continue to grow over the recent period. Huge numbers of these employments are observed in mobile app and computer game zones.

Developing skills

  • Get a few materials and start rehearsing different techniques. Certainly, it’s increasingly conventional to follow certain techniques. However, also focus to develop techniques which make you versatile.
  • Having the correct skills and abilities can give you distinction between an artist getting a job or not. The procurement of the multimedia skills can exponentially improve the probability of profiting as an artist.

Kaizen Multimedia can help you in figuring out how to add these skills and how they can help.  Kaizen Multimedia can help the artist to develop skills to consolidates various techniques and implement them and win in this game at the end.

Looking to enter Animation & Film-making

Watching cartoons has been part of everyone’s childhood. The industry has grown tremendously by offering more career opportunities. Particularly with 24X7 TV channels devoted to simply kid’s shows, animation as a field is seeing another high. Animation and VFX industry has a great deal to offer to the creatively inclined people. Are prepared to make your mark?

Why should one opt for a career in animation or VFX?

It is one of the exciting career options. The present age can explore this opportunity and find great career growth avenues. One needs to understand and complete a self-analysis on what they are looking for and what exactly they want. Previously, we didn’t have many alternatives for making an innovative career option, but now the scenario is totally different.

Which industries recruit students, who have aced the art of animation and VFX?

Ø  Animation and VFX is among the famous profession choices today. Media outlets, film Industry, game developments, broadcasting, web and internet applications, architectural projects, space research, medicinal research and furthermore fields like marketing, advertising, public relations and education industry find the use of animation and VFX.

Ø  Basically one can say, any field that requires upgraded communication to draw in customers will find the need to utilize VFX and animation for their business. This, in turn, leads to rising career opportunities along with freelancing work options.

Future of the industry

Ø  The country which loves entertainment, which cherishes games and amusement, where film-industry celebrates 100 years, there is no stopping the young and creative minds to make promising professions in the area of animation, VFX and graphics designing.

Ø  It is essential to understand today’s lifestyle, with its reliance on digital devices, for example, phones, iPods, I-pads, PCs, TV and amusement parks – the type of digital platform which is developing and setting new benchmarks.

Ø  This new, cutting edge and constantly developing computerized content creation period makes for a splendid bright future of this industry for every individual who dreams for creating and not simply following.

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Acting for animation is an important art

As an animator, you should most likely be able to make convincing movements. You should likewise have the capability to make the audience feel like this virtual character isn’t just alive yet they exist and have a personality of their own. That is the reason acting is something you should ace. In this article, we will understand, why acting for animation is important.

Why is Acting Important in Animation?

  • When you’re animating you ought to accomplish something beyond moving the character around. You’re making the movements, but there is a great deal more that goes into every activity you do other than causing them to comply with the laws of physics and move in a convincing manner. Everything the virtual character does is controlled by you.
  • As an animator, you’re basically an actor with a computer and software. Being an animator truly adds a new dimension of multifaceted nature to traditional motion picture acting, because you need to make this character perform and also need to consider each and every move that they make.
  • With conventional acting the on-screen character doesn’t have to consider how their movements are, it’s simply normal; they just need to ensure that their performance is trustworthy. Your audience should feel that your characters are alive and not alive because they’re moving around on screen but rather they have a personality and character that makes them unique.
  • Make sure you’re using the right techniques in your animations to ensure you have believable and convincing acting in your animations and you’re using various principles to ensure it is engaging.

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What is the difference between 2D animation & 3D Animation?

3D Animation
3D Animation is the process of creating three-dimensional moving pictures in the digital environment. It is a kind of animation that uses computers pictures to make animated scenes.
Control of 3D models or objects is carried out in the 3D programming software for exporting image sequences giving them the illusion of movement and animation. This is totally based on the technique utilized for manipulating objects. There is a difference somewhere in the range of 3D and 2D animation.
The methodology of producing 3D is successively categorised into three fundamental segments, and these are modelling, layout and animation and rendering.
– Modelling is the phase that depicts the methodology of producing 3D objects within a
certain scene.
– Layout and Animation phase depicts that the procedure pursued animating and
positioning the objects within a certain scene.
– Rendering portrays the outcome or result finished computer graphics. The procedure of
production is completed with the cautious blend of the sections referenced above and
furthermore some other sub-sections.

The market is loaded up with different programming utilized for the making of 3D Animation.
2D Animation
– 2D animation is the process of producing a two-dimensional imaginative space. 2D
animation focuses on making storyboards, characters, and foundations in a two-
dimensional environment. Generally thought of as traditional animation, the figures can
go all over up, down, left, and right.
– The 2D animation uses vector designs and the bitmap to make and alter the animated
images and is made utilizing the PCs and software programs, for example, Adobe
Photoshop, Flash and After Effects. There is a distinction between 3D and 2D animation.
– These animations used in movies, promotions, television shows, computer games or
sites. Work in the field of 2D animation requires both imagination and innovative

In spite of the fact that 3D animation offers several advantages over 2D animations, most clients
prefer a blend of both the animation methods. A blend of both 3D and 2D animation gives an
increasingly natural presentation. 2D animation techniques are progressively reasonable for clients
having low budgets.
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