5 Tips to make Game Development Effortless

VideoGames are something that we have relished throughout our childhood and still continue to do so. Creating a fantasy world with your set of rules and regulations may be fascinating but would be difficult at the same time, if not done right. With so many resources available like YouTube and countless game design courses, there are high chances of you getting confused. This would take up a lot of your time with no fruitful results. However, the entire process of building is easy if executed well by keeping important points in your mind.

Here are some tips and tricks to make Game Development effortless:

1.      Volumetric Lights

If opting up for an art game, you can enhance it by adding on the ‘rays of light ‘ effect to your screen. There are several tools available that can be used, however they can have negative effect on your FPS counts. Instead, a simpler way to do so is by using a 3d modelling tool that would help create a cone (model). Make use of a new shader for the cone and resort to a new material to use it. 

2.      Add Fog

The Smokey effect that a fog gives adds on to the realistic environment of the game. It can sometimes exceptionally compliment certain art styles. In video games, fog is used to hide the objects that are placed far way from the Camera. In certain game designer coursespeople emphasize on the use of fog to increase the performance but in such cases the value decreases.  Add fog to your screen and adjust its values so that the player doesn’t get the feel of far away objects vanishing.

3.      Use Depth of Field

The depth of field enhances the experience of the player, by making your camera object work like an actual camera. It deals with the effects of focus and blur by focusing on the object and blurring out the background. This helps in bringing out the fine details of the character. However, your FPS count can lower considerably on using this effect.

4.      Increasing the CPU/GPU performance

The first important thing to keep in mind is to lower down the number of meshes .Make use of a single mesh for multiple objects that would aid your performance. It is also important to limit the number of materials as it would help in faster rendering. Textures are essential in determining the performance of your graphics. Opt for textures of small size but also do not compromise on the quality.

5.      Enhancing the Audio

Several game designer courses don’t emphasize the importance of audio in a game. A good audio enhances the entire gaming experience. Avoid using compressed audio files for small sound effects like gunfire. This would cause the CPU to unnecessarily spend more time in uncompressing it during run-time.

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