Game Design

Since our childhood we have been playing games, what we are discussing here is about video games mostly. Of course not everyone may have played video games but almost everyone knows about them.

Let’s take Mario for eg. Everyone who has been playing games since their childhood knows Mario.

Nowadays, people would know Candy Crush, Angry Birds and PUBG to name a few.

Now playing video games is not as same as designing it, that’s rather obvious. But it’s important in many aspects that one who is interested in designing should know variety of games and have played them and still does. I mean still a lot of people who are in their mid-20s and late 30s still play Video Games since they were kids.

The point here is, playing games is always in trend for majority age groups.

Throughout the years gaming industry has flourished a lot.

From Contra which released in 1987 to PUBG 2017 (which in online)

So there are no boundaries to the level of game designing and for this reason game designing is one of the most profitable industries.

According to recent new Article by BBC in Technology section Gaming industry has more revenue than Film and Music industries combined.

So more of a reason why game designing is one of the most favourite things as a career to look forward to

Video game design may not be the first choice a decade or two back but these days it’s one of the most prominent fields.

Having said that, it can still be difficult to break into The Game Design industry. But with a right Career & Design Courses it can be achieved.

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